Website Design Development

Great online marketing and SEO begins with a great website.

Static Media website design and development
For your online marketing efforts to succeed, your website must serve as the “hub” of your brand. Smart design, effective messaging, and action-driving content are a must. Everything about the user experience on your site is a reflection of your company, so its design and navigation has to be sleek, efficient and intuitive.

Our Services

Graphic Design
For projects that need our design expertise, we begin with brand, with mission, and the ultimate “promise” to customers. We then design a website that truly represents that personality and communicates it effectively and immediately.

Programming For Usability
Our programmers are extremely experienced and revel in the geekier side of websites– the development. Whether creating HTML to build the look of your site, developing CSS (cascading style sheets) to simplify the structure of your site, or creating online tools to increase the functionality of your site, we’re focused on making your website a destination that your customers enjoy using and can rely on for current information.

Coding For Visability – Why WordPress Is Ideal for SEO
We design nearly all websites within the WordPress platform. WordPress is the largest open-source “content-managed” website software in the world. It enables our programmers to keep the code of your site completely optimized at all times. To meet the design objectives outlined above, we do not advocate using off-the-shelf “templates”. Instead, our designers and programmers create customized/hybrid templates that incorporate unique graphics and features while still leveraging the core of WordPress. Key advantages of this type of programming are:

• Seamlessly integrate a blog/current news feature within the main site.
• Ability of users to create new posts, edit page content, add images, etc.
• Underlying core code is optimized for SEO.
• Enables use of proprietary plug-ins that further assist us in measuring keyword density, tagging, and other on-page optimization techniques.
• Ability to link with other sites, user comments, and social media portals is greatly enhanced.
• Ability of users to share your website information via social media channels is increased.

Website Design Portfolio
• Deep Blue Pools
• Podiatry Group of Georgia
• Vernia Law Firm
• Hair Gallery at the Mill
• FanPagePop
• Lisa Gould Financial Coaching