SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting Services

Local Bump’s sole mission is to market your site to reach customers on their initial search on search engines. With our diverse marketing campaigns and extensive experience, our marketing team is able to strategically position your site to show up on the first page thereby gaining more exposure and results.

A very crucial part of our SEO process is copywriting to ensure your text within your website is written and designed correctly for search engines.  Our diversified team is focused on SEO Copywriting content geared towards the applicable keywords and overall SEO structure to capture the desired outcome online. At Local Bump, we only employ skilled copywriters that have years of expertise in various aspects of SEO including being well versed in social media. We research and determine which key words potential customers enter when performing an online search for a particular business or service.

Our SEO Copywriting Process

At Local Bump, we can incorporate your articles or we can have one of our copywriters create a specific page or edit a current page. The SEO content is carefully scripted to reflect your unique brand and get immediate results. Within all of our writing, our writers focus on keywords in the title, proper tags and more with a very well written article, page or post that will be very search engine friendly. Following the proper tags, we place keywords very carefully so that you don’t get in trouble with search engines with keyword stuffing and ensure we do not overdue keywords so the article doesn’t appear as spam and rejected by the search engines.

SEO Copywriting Experts

We are a complete SEO copywriting enterprise firm prepared to handle the ever fluctuating volume that businesses encounter coupled with timely turnaround times.  If your business is well established or it is new to the internet, we can achieve outstanding results with our marketing and search engine knowledge. At Local Bump, we focus on quality, results driven copy and convert visitors to real customers.