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local online marketingLocal Online Marketing

The majority of business owners have  a local audience that they are trying to reach.  Local online marketing strategies will help you get these customers fast.  Local Bump specializes in local online marketing and knows just about every trick in the book to rank you higher on local searches when a potential customer searches for your local product or service.  When people want to learn more about a product or service, they use the internet to find it.  Local online marketing has replaced your local phone book.

Is your business and website showing up at the top of search engines when local visitors search for your product?  If not, local online marketing from Local Bump can help!

How Can Local Online Marketing Help?

If someone who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah needs a local accountant, they will search on Google, Bing or other search engines for “Salt Lake City Accountant” or “Utah Account”.  Statistics show that visitors will only contact  the search results on the first page.  Statistics also show that over 80% of customers do a search query like this example before making a purchase decision.  Search engines are also moving their direction towards the local business and local customer.    What this means to you as the business owner is that it’s very  important that you show up when a potential customer of yours searches for your service or product  that you offer.  If they don’t find you, they will find your competitor.  If your local online marketing is done correctly, you can actually show up several times on  the first page.

Local Online Marketing Experts

Local Bump has been doing local online marketing for a decade now and has the  confidence, tools and resources to put your business at the top of search engines as quick as humanly possible.  We don’t cut any corners or waste any time.  Our local online marketing clients have been very satisfied allowing us to have over a 95% customer retention rate.  We also have local online marketing packages to accommodate just about any budget.  Contact us today and get started on a very aggressive local online marketing plan.