Link Building


link building

It is imperative to effectively create viable links in order to generate powerful search placement when individuals are searching for your product or service. Failing to design a powerful SEO link building program, you will fail miserably to achieve effective top 10 placements on any major search engine. At Local Bump, we design a link building process to accomplish this and sustain that placement for your business with our SEO process.


The art of link building seeks to establish PageRank, pertinent relevancy as well as unique content. It is a time consuming, methodical process with the objective of search engine placement that generates traffic to your site. At Local Bump we ensure that each SEO link building strategy is exclusively geared towards each unique client.


One of the key components of link building is determining what your competitor’s overall strategy is and why their placement is higher than your own.  Ultimately, the search engines determine the value and validity of a particular keyword relevant to your website. Additionally, the search engines determine any other website (competitor) that is (pointing) linking to yours.  From there, the search engine well place relevant importance and consistency of information with your own website.  Based on this, the search engine will grant you your position based on specific keywords.

At Local Bump all of our custom link building is carefully researched and set into motion by our highly qualified copywriters strategically placing them on relevant websites. We utilize many link building methods to achieve the desired results and are always seeking new alternatives as well. Oftentimes, when creating link building, it can take multiple submissions to receive a permanent link. Only those that achieve this status become part of your contract and can be viewed by the client to see ‘real’ link building.