The Importance of an Anchor Text

Although anchor text hasn’t been given an extreme amount of attention in SEO circles, it is an important aspect when determining Search Engine Optimization. It is a great way to understand which keywords you should choose for your website, some work and some don’t.


Anchor TextWhat is an Anchor Text?

An anchor text is the word that people will see and once they click on it it will take them to another page or website. It is a great way to direct the attention of the reader to another website and usually provides more information relevant to the subject. Anchor text HTML looks like this:

<a href= “”>Anchor Text</a>

Anchor text is one of the most misunderstood aspects of search engine optimization, in that most people view it as a way to simply improve the appearance of their links. While anchor texts do shorten your links and make them look more attractive, they also serve an even deeper purpose for search engine optimization


How does an Anchor Text affect SEO?

The most important thing an anchor text does, is create backlinks. When you use an anchor text to create a link to another page of your site, it is creating a backlink. Using an anchor  text to disguise your link, it makes it easier for search engines to index that page for that keyword.

Anchor Text Conclusion

One important thing to keep in mind with anchor texts is relevancy. For example, if you have a website selling cat supplies, and you want to use an anchor texts about cat collars, be sure that the text is cat collars and page they are being directed to is cat collars; versus using “click here”. People have a tendency to link to content using the anchor text of either the domain name or the title of the page. If you want to link to your page about dog collars, it is a great advantage to have the URL of the page be something similar to:

Trying to abuse anchor text can negatively affect your website . It is important that your anchor text is used to point to URLs that are relevant to the topic of the anchor text itself.

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