How to Design a Lead Generating Homepage

You may be considering a brand new website or have decided it may be time for a new website redesign.  There are some key things you need to know when doing so that are backed up by statistics.  Your website design is one of the most important aspects of your business.  It should be just as important as your storefront if you have one.

HomepageFirst Impression is Key

When a visitor lands on your website, you have 3 seconds to impress them before they close your website and go elsewhere.  Yes, this has actually been tracked and analyzed.  With that said, your homepage needs to shine and grab their attention as quickly as possible.  This is very likely to be your only chance for your 3 second first impression.  Your homepage should include  some or all of the following:

A headline.  Your 3 seconds to shine is not about branding, but rather delivering a strong quick message.  It is important to have a short and simple headline at the top of your page of what you offer.  This is the first thing your visitors will see so make it stand out.  Once you grab their attention with the main headline, you should include a paragraph, or a sub-headline underneath.  Make it brief and easy to understand, even for visitors who don’t understand the details of your niche.  Don’t use complicated or niche related terminology.

Bullet points.  This is your homepage, so you shouldn’t list every single detail of what you offer, but rather quick and short bullet points outlining just a handful of your main services, products or benefits of choosing you.

Call to action.  Another very important part of your homepage this often overlooked is a direct call to action.  Make sure it is very visible at the top of your home (above the fold).  This should be some kind of contact or purchase option.

Additional features.  It’s important to not flood your homepage with overwhelming information, content and images.  If your design allows for it, you should also include things such as testimonials, a clean and simple navigation so they can read the details that you don’t have room to list on your website, and clean images.


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