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The Importance of an Anchor Text

Anchor Text

Although anchor text hasn’t been given an extreme amount of attention in SEO circles, it is an important aspect when determining Search Engine Optimization. It is a great way to understand which keywords you should choose for your website, some … More »

How to Fix and Protect your Online Reputation

Online Reputation

Your online reputation is a very important part of your business. It is said that one negative thing posted about your company can lose at least 10 potential customers. A previous job of mine was a supervisor of a call … More »

Changing Your URL Structure

local online marketing

Changing your URL structure is something that should never be overlooked with your SEO strategy as it is a very important part of rankings.  One thing we see overlooked quite a bit is how SEO friendly the URL is.  Setting … More »

How to Design a Lead Generating Homepage


You may be considering a brand new website or have decided it may be time for a new website redesign.  There are some key things you need to know when doing so that are backed up by statistics.  Your website … More »