Using Pinterest to Market Your Business

PinterestWhat is Pinterest?

Unless you have been under a rock lately, you may have heard of a new and uprising star on the social media realm called Pinterest.  Pinterest is a unique and very addictive social network that allows users to ‘pin’ images and videos to their own pages (pinboards) or others’ pinboards.  The main concept of Pinterest is to allow the user to express their lifestyle with media.  It allows you to share your lifestyle and tastes, as well as connect you with people who share the same or similar tastes.  Just like most other social networks, Pinterest allows users to follow boards of their friends, in addition to commenting, liking and sharing each others pins.

Pinterest has experienced some major growth according to who reported an increase of 429% from September to December 2011.  It is now sitting at the number 5 most popular social network, beating out LinkedIn and Google+.

Don’t Self Promote on Pinterest

Pinterest states to now self-promote because it is designed to curate and share things you love.  What this means is business owners and marketers needs to get creative in promoting their business.  Because Pinterest is a social network that promotes lifestyle, marketers should also promote the lifestyle that their business promotes.  Instead of ‘pinning’ things like your logos or even just the actual product you sell, you should be ‘pinning’ where your product could take someone.  For example, if you own a weight loss company, you should focus on pinning weigh loss quotes or after pictures.

Get Creative

Pinterest isn’t your typical social network as far as marketing goes.  You will need to get a bit more creative and think outside the box when promoting your product.  Once you’re account is setup, start thinking of ideas to integrate it into your site.  Pinterest allows you to add ‘pin-it’ buttons to your website making it easy for visitors to share the content on your website to the social network.  You can also add other common buttons such as the Pinterest follow button.

Make sure to re-pin what your followers are interested in.  This will encourage engagement with your followers.  Also, don’t forget that you can also pin videos, in addition to photos so try and create a photo gallery.

Similar to Twitter and Google+, you can use hashtags when you pin your content.  This will make it more search friendly and allows cross promotion with Twitter and Google+.

Don’t forget to link back to your website and track your visitors activity.

We want to hear from you about Pinterest.  Have you started integrating Pinterest into your business?


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