Tips to Help you Increase your Twitter Followers

Twitter Followers can be hard to come by, but Twitter is an amazing tool to help reach a new audience. You can use this tool to engage followers with relevant links, pictures, and news of your company. But, in order to use twitter to it’s full potential, you need to have followers. The following list will give you some ideas to legitimately increase your Twitter followers.

Twitter FollowersIncrease your Twitter Followers

1. Follow Other People– Most of the time, twitter users are not actively searching for companies or businesses to follow. You need to make the first step and start following them, make sure you are also engaging in some of their tweets, too. This will help them to notice you and start following you.

2. Retweet — If you see a quote, a joke, or something you find interesting, retweet it. It might take time and effort, but it will increase your engagement and awareness. People are flattered when someone retweets something they said.

3. Don’t be boring– Twitter users see thousands of marketing pitches each and every day. What can you do to not be just another ad to them. Make sure you are providing a variety of content. Don’t continue to post sale pitches, but post things that might night even be relevant to purchasing an item. Ask them questions, post funny pictures, share an interesting video.

4. Use Hashtags–Twitter followers love hashtags. Keep an eye on the trending topics and participate in them by using hashtags. Use hashtags that are relevant to your product and industry.

5. Fill out your Biography — Make sure you use your Twitter bio to your advantage, put your URL, information about your company, the products you sell, etc in your bio. Fill it out with things that potential customers might search for.

6. Don’t over do it– Tweeting is a great way to gain new customers and a new following, however, don’t over use that tool. A few posts a week or one post a day is a great way to not over do it. Posting multiple posts a day can cause you to lose followers.

Don’t lose your Twitter Followers

Once you have gained a good amount of Twitter followers, it is just as important to not lose them. Keep your content fresh and exciting, increase usage with controversial questions, and be sure to engage with your customers. Always respond back to their questions or concerns. Twitter Followers are easy to come by and easy to lose, use Twitter to it’s full advantage. Don’t be frustrated if you lose some Twitter followers, keep implementing new content and exciting questions, you will have a great Twitter following in no time.

Twitter Followers Summary

Remember your purpose of your Twitter account. If it is to engage with customers, follow through. If you want to use it as a place for customers to ask questions, make the aware. If you feel it is too much work for your business to handle, you might want to consider hiring a Social Media Manager.

Do you use a unique method to gain new followers? What has worked for you to keep your current Twitter followers?

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