Social Media Tips for Your Local Business

Social MediaSocial media for local businesses is a very effective way to reach your audience and remain connected with your audience.  Regardless of the size of your business, it is mandatory that you have social media integrated with your business.  This means large national brands to a local mom-and-pop store.  Here are a few basic tips that we see are often overlooked to help you with your social media accounts.

1. Complete your profile.  This is one of the most common things that we see with social media accounts.  Your profile impression to visitors should be just as important as your website.  Leaving important areas blank could result in visitors thinking you may not be a credible business.  Another reason this is extremely important is because of how search engines such as Google and Bing have began to incorporate social media into search results.  Your profile information is what typically shows up in results, especially Google+.

2. Track your profile.  After you’re profiles are fully complete and you’re publishing interesting posts, keep an eye on them by monitoring them closely.  Social media is not like e-mail where it is sufficient to reply back your followers when you get back to the office.  Social media is used to get a quick, real-time response.  It really gives your existing and potential a good first impression if you are the first to respond and provide answers.  It’s also important to monitor and track your competitors.  With all forms of advertising in general, competitive analysis and monitoring is extremely important to make sure you stay on top and not fall behind.

3. Reputation management.  As mentioned above, keep a very close watch on your brand on the internet.  Review websites such as Yelp have become very popular recently as a trusted source for visitors to go to before making a purchase.  Sites like Yelp also appear in search results so make sure you setup an account with review sites, but more important, monitor them very closely.  This is your reputation on the line.

4. Delegate and connect.  Just because you may own the business doesn’t mean you should try and tackle all of this by yourself.  Social networks have evolved to the point where it is more important than ever to have faces associated with a business.  Try and get your employees involved by asking them to post updates or blog posts on their personal social network account.  Customers love putting a face to a business as it makes it much more personal.  Also ask your employees to help with blogging and social media management.  This will also allow, as the business owner to look at everything as a whole and possibly implement new ideas.

What have you used to help with your social media management?

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