How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business

pinterest for businessPinterest has grown to the 3rd largest social network in only two years, only behind Facebook and Twitter.  This number is based of the number of site visits in March of 2012.  Pinterest received 104 million, Twitter received 182 million and Facebook with 7 billion visits.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest’s concept is site built around sharing and “pinning” photos to their profile.  One misconception of Pinterest for business owners is that service based businesses can take advantage of promoting their business with a physical product.

Setting up a Pinterest Account

Setting up a Pinterest account can take a day or two since it is handled by invitation only.  Once you apply for an account, typically you can expect a confirmation within 1-2 days.  We recommend setting up your Pinterest account with the method of an email address and password, rather than your Facebook or Twitter account.  This will allow you to give access to employees for your Pinterest account without giving them access to your personal Facebook or Twitter account, since Pinterest doesn’t allow integration to Facebook business Pages yet.

Setting up Your Pinterest Boards

Once you have received your confirmation, it is now time to setup your Pinterest pin boards.  As with all social media channels, consider your audience and what their interests are when setting up your boards.  Social media marketing is about branding, more than direct sales.  The focus should be on building a following by focusing on interesting concepts and ideas.  A good recommendation when setting up your Pinterest boards is to search by keywords and see how others are taking advantage of Pinterest.  Think outside the box by showing before/after pictures, books/resources, infographics, company event photos, etc.  Also, just like your other social media channels, fill in all of the content in the fields provided with descriptive keyword based titles.

Enable a Pinterest Pin It Button on Your Website

Just like a Facebook ‘Like’ and a Twitter ‘Tweet; button, you should also download and add the Pinterest ‘Pin It’ button on your site so that your site visitors can easily ‘pin’ items from your website.  When users pin photos from your website, the link is automatically included back to your website, which can help your SEO rankings and traffic since Pinterest allows Google to follow those links.

Pinterest for Business Engagement

Just like other social networks, it’s important to engage and encourage interaction.  Comment on interesting boards you come across as well as follow boards that you find interesting.  Don’t be scared to re-pin one’s photo as well.  Also like your other social media networks, keep an eye on your interaction and know what works and what is not working.  Following these steps will help in getting Pinterest followers.

How have you integrated Pinterest with your business?

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