Facebook Mobile Ads Work; Earning 10 Times More Money

Earlier this month, we announced that Facebook created Facebook Mobile Ads. At That time we didn’t know what the outcome would be. It could have gone both ways. Well, they worked. The mobile Sponsored stories are getting over 13 times the click rates compared to all of Facebook’s desktop ads.

There was a lot of controversy surrounding this , with people stating the only reason they did it is because of their low stock prices. Others stated the reason is because most users are shifting away from desktop and solely to mobile applications.

Facebook Mobile Ads

Facebook Mobile Ads Growth

Receiving such a high click-through rate for Sponsored Stories are huge for Facebook, however, for future updates there is just simply not as much space for it or any service to advertise much more on mobile devices.

There’s no room for an ads sidebar and if Facebook starts to ‘spam’ users with multiple ads, they will become frustrated and stop using the app. But from the looks of it, Facebook doesn’t have to show too many Sponsored Stories to make a ton of money off of them.

Other social media platforms don’t seems to have the means to compete with Facebook’s sponsored stories. While Twitter and G+’s interest graph can achieve accurate targeting, only Facebook knows who your closest friends are thanks to photo tags, wall posts, messages, and more.

Facebook Mobile Ads is Just the Beginning

Rumors are stating that Facebook has just begun. There has been some talk of a new ad campaign that would be a huge hit for just local businesses that would have the ability to target users who are only a few hundred feet from the store front.

So far, the businesses that are using sponsored stories are stating they have noticed a huge increase in ‘likes’ and their ROI is higher as well. Local online marketing companies are enjoying a new option for customers that give them a more customized approach.  Have you started using sponsored stories? How have the Facebook mobile ads affected your business?

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