Be Interested, Not Interesting: Social Media 101

be interested, not interesting

Your brand is not interesting.

Social media is becoming a necessary part of running a company in 2012. Companies are vying for our attention in ways that we never thought possible as I mentioned in my last post about second screen technology. But how many are actually doing it right? How many actually care? The landscape of business is changing, and unfortunately most companies are missing a huge opportunity to create brand ambassadors for life.

The sad fact is that most companies don’t see the value in social media. We are just now beginning to get some tangible ways to track the ROI from our social media efforts. So they are overcompensating and trying to do everything in their power to get sales through the medium.

There is a huge emphasis on pushing, telling, and generally trying to make it seem as though the company has a lot going on, and has a lot to offer the customer. In our tests, customers are becoming increasingly fatigued by the corporate pushing that’s going on right now. Remember companies, just because someone happens to be your friend or liked your product, doesn’t mean that they are engaging with your brand in a tangible way. Speaking for myself, there are many companies that I’ve liked, but I have hidden from my feed for this exact reason.

Social Media’s Youth Isn’t an Excuse

The internet is still only 17 years old, a teenager. Like most of us look back on our teenage decisions, many companies will look back at what they’re doing with social media and laugh.

We actually thought that worked? If only we knew what we know now! Don’t make the mistake of alienating your customer base.

How Do We Use Social Media to Engage Not Enrage?

So how do we create engagement? Simply put, we become more interested in our customers lives than we are with selling them products. Put the time into creating a relationship rather than trying to create an action. I promise you, if you do this, the sales will come. The constant pushing only creates a single point action; the relationship creates a customer for life.

Here are some tools that I use to help with this:

Twitter advanced search
Twitter’s search allows you to find people talking about keywords that are relevant to your business, in your area and reach out to them. It’s critical to have a person monitoring your brand and to think of I as a proactive live chat.

Topsy allows you to search not just twitter, but videos, web mentions and set date ranges on your search. It’s especially useful when trying to figure out what a company has been talking about for a certain time frame.

Hootsuite is a social media dashboard that allows you to manage multiple twitter, facebook and other social networks in one place. It’s especially useful for the back and forth that needs to happen quickly between you and your customers.

Facebook insights
Facebook insights allow you to see how many users are interacting with your posts. Try to use the data you learned from your advanced searches to help formulate a strategy for getting a dialogue going.

If you would like us to take a look at your social media presence and give you some recommendations on to create brand ambassadors, please contact us. Remember that these are people, and stay thirsty my friends.

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