Reasons Why Your Blog Traffic is Not Increasing

Blog TrafficBlog Traffic Requires Dedication

Increasing your blog’s traffic isn’t as easy as just throwing content up on your site and hoping that people are going to read it, at least not for the majority of bloggers. There is actually quite a bit of behind the scenes work that goes into increasing your readership and keeping it. If you’ve been wondering why your blog traffic rates either are stagnant or have even decreased, it could be that you’re committing one of the following blogging crimes.

Tips to Avoid to Increase Blog Traffic

  1. No Marketing- Most readers need a reminder or a notice of a new blog post. With Social Media being increasingly popular, it gives you the ability to reach hundreds of thousands of new readers each day. This will, of course, help increase your blog traffic. Each time you write a new post link to it on all of your social media accounts so that you’re followers know about it. Take advantage of hashtags and group forums to market yourself as well.
  2. Inconsistency – Most readers like a consistency and a regular amount of blog posts. It is best to make a blogging schedule and stick to it. If you disappear for a month you will lose followers.
  3. Boring Posts – I know this sounds a lot easier than done, but be creative. Keep the posts interactive and listen to your followers. If your followers are requesting specific content, listen to them. If you write a blog post and do not receive any response from it, try and veer away from that topic.
  4. Use SEO – Hire a local search marketing company or learn SEO tactics. However, learning SEO is like learning how to ride a bike; everyone has a different way of teaching it, and  it might take you a few tries before you get it right but once you learn how it will change your life. Being able to use effective SEO and keywords will help you get better indexing on all of the search engines, thus making it easier for people to find your blog and start reading.

Increasing your Blog Traffic Summary

A blog is an effective tool to gain a new audience for local businesses, therefore increasing sales and profit. If you do not have a blog on your company’s website, I highly recommend starting now.

What are some tips you recommend for increasing your blog traffic?


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