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Advertising can be expensive with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, contracts and other fees.   One feature that many business owners overlook is Google Places.  Google Places is free and if you have an actual brick and mortar, you can claim your business, allowing your business to show up when local people Google your niche…if it’s setup correctly.

With recent changes with the Google algorithm, Google Places is a very important part of local SEO.  It’s a feature with Google that is very easy to setup and claim.  Once you claim your business listing, you can then upload your own pictures and business information.  Anyone can put a business up on Google Places, but the actual owner needs to go and claim that business.  Many owners never even know that someone has made a business listing and they never get around to claiming it because of this reason.  This could seriously hurt a business because they can have negative reviews that they never respond to until they claim their listing on Google Places.  By not claiming it, you are letting the general public control your business reputation. If you find that your online reputation doesn’t look too pretty, a good Search Engine Optimization company can take care of your reputation management.

So if you have a business and/or a website, make sure to double check to see if you have a Google Places listing.  If you do, make sure to claim your listing and then optimize and enhance your listing with photos, information, hours, etc.  This is a very simple setup that will help your local SEO, in addition to saving your online reputation.

Have you had any bad or good experience with Google Places?

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