Blog Writing Tips with an SEO Emphasis

It is no lie that blogging is a crucial part of SEO. If you find a page that is on the top of a search engine, more times then not, it has a blog on it. A blog is a way for you to communicate with customers, share news, new products, and promotions. But, each blog needs to be SEO driven, in order to gain new traffic to your website. Below is a list of helpful tips to help you write better, customer driven, blog posts with SEO in mind.

SEOTips to Write a SEO-Driven Blog

1. Make Time– If you start a blog for your business, your on the right track, however, don’t start a blog unless you can truly dedicate some time to it. A few blog posts per week is recommended. The topics need to be unique and exciting, your purpose is to engage your followers.

2. A Reason– You need to figure out the purpose of your blog. Always keep your purpose in mind when writing new blog posts, don’t lose sight of that purpose.

3. Extra! Extra! — A blog is a great place for you to announce new products, news, or specials that you might have. Customers love hearing about new information. Are you introducing a new product, getting rid of a product, or have an exciting sale coming up? For these type of blogs, the more pictures the better! Most people like to visualize the changes.

5- Events– If your company is participating in a trade show, fair, conference, announce it in a blog post. Customers like to see the event live, with pictures and news in a timely matter. You can use an event to create 2-3 different blog posts. Usually the first one is pre-event coverage, the second is at the event, and the third would be post-event.

6-Different Authors– Try engaging your employees to be a part of the new blog content. Your employees might work first-hand with the customers or play a crucial part in the back-end of the business. It is important to have different points of views, this will enhance your variety of followers, too.

7- Optimize!– Last, but defiantly not least, make sure your blog posts and interesting and to the point. Make sure your titles make customers curious.  Take full advantage of using the meta tags, meta descriptions, and SEO title. Consult with your SEO company for more ideas to help optimize blogs.

In Conclusion to an SEO Emphasized Blog

This list is a good start to get you going on your blog, remember that without a purpose and a reason, the blog will not produce the results your desire. Use this list as a guide to help you generate topics for your blog and important things to not forget when you blog. Always remember that you want to engage your customers, it is helpful to ask a question or feedback on a new item. Make your blog fun and interesting.

What are some unique things you do to engage customers on your blog? What are some tips you would like to see on this list for an SEO friendly blog?


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