8 Tips to Improve Your Websites Local SEO

The reason you are here, admit it or not, is because you want to increase your rankings and receive a higher customer base through local SEO. You have a business and for an unknown reason you are not getting the traffic you expected and hoped for to your website. This blog post is for the basics of Local SEO and why it is important to help you achieve the results you are seeking.

Local SEO Tips to Improve Your Websites Local SEO

  1. Update Title Tag and Improve Content – Put keywords in meta title tags and on-page content. Don’t just over populate the website with the keywords. If necessary, rewrite pages to make the new keywords completely relevant.
  2. Update Keyword Research- This goes along with number 1. Search terms for your niche are continuing to change and will never be the same. Research the keywords that are working and change the ones that are not.
  3. Add New Content For New Keywords- If you are changing some of your target keywords, be sure to add new content that is relevant to the changes. Google loves new content, so it is important to change things up a bit.
  4. Update Good Backlinks-  Ideally, a good anchor text should include keywords. Check where your backlinks are coming from, if they do not contain the keyword ask them to change the text.
  5. Remove Negative Backlinks- If there are links coming linking to your site from content farms, ad sites, and other sources with bad online reputations, remove them. These links could lower your rankings.
  6. Update Directories- Most websites will list their site in a directory and forget about it down the road. Niches change and your keywords most likely have too. Now is the time to spruce up your directory listings.
  7. Run an SEO Diagnostic- This is important to help you see what Google sees. They also offer a free tool that allows you to run a diagnostic to see the target issues that need to be addressed immediately.
  8. Update Social Media Profiles- Social media management is crucial to gain a new audience so it should be relevant to your niche. If your keywords have changes, be sure to update them on your Social Media pages as well. If you have a Social Media Manager, be sure they are up to date with the changes as well.

Local SEO Review

Don’t be daunted by the many aspects of Local SEO. Google always introduces a ton of changes to their ranking formula. The best way to stay on top, is to continue to update your website, don’t expect traffic from a website that does not keep up to date with the constant changes of the niche. Following these few steps will help improve your local SEO, that is the goal right?

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