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Tips on Using Internal Linking to Help With SEO

Internal Linking SEO

With all of the recent search engine algorithm changes, high quality content on your website is more important than it ever has been for your websites SEO.  Writing and publishing new content also helps build your business, follower count and … More »

8 Tips to Improve Your Websites Local SEO

Local SEO

The reason you are here, admit it or not, is because you want to increase your rankings and receive a higher customer base through local SEO. You have a business and for an unknown reason you are not getting the … More »

3 Tips to Avoid Negative SEO

Negative SEO

Is There Such Thing as Negative SEO? Yes, unfortunately, there is such thing as negative SEO. Negative SEO tactics and strategies that will actually hurt your rankings and can ultimately shut down your website. Google’s Penguin update penalizes websites that … More »

How To Optimize Images On Your Website For SEO

how to optimize images for seo

Images on websites have significantly increased recently with the popularity of Pinterest and uses of infographics on websites and social media sites like Facebook and Google+.  Wherever your images may be, it is very important that they are optimized for … More »

Reasons Why Your Blog Traffic is Not Increasing

Blog Traffic

Blog Traffic Requires Dedication Increasing your blog’s traffic isn’t as easy as just throwing content up on your site and hoping that people are going to read it, at least not for the majority of bloggers. There is actually quite a … More »

Securing Your WordPress Blog


In the past few days we’ve seen a few high profile WordPress accounts getting hacked by SEO spammers. Most notably, Techmeme and The Next Web. The spammer was able to access the blogs by hacking one of their editor logins. … More »

Reasons Why You Should Start Your Local SEO Campaign Now

Local SEO

Having Doubts About Your Local SEO Campaign If you are reading this post, you are probably on the fence about whether or not to start local SEO. You might be having a lot of doubts run through your head like … More »

Blog Writing Tips with an SEO Emphasis


It is no lie that blogging is a crucial part of SEO. If you find a page that is on the top of a search engine, more times then not, it has a blog on it. A blog is a … More »

Things You Need to Know About SEO


A lot of times, when people think about marketing their business or are trying to learn about SEO, it can be mind-boggling. But, there are some specific things you need to know about SEO, if you plan on hiring an … More »

Dominating Local SEO


As a business owner, with a local audience, your goal is to dominate the Local SEO and be on the first page of every search engine. Local Search Engine Marketing uses the same type of techniques as National. Except,  there … More »

Enhance Your Local Business in Google Places

Google Place

Advertising can be expensive with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, contracts and other fees.   One feature that many business owners overlook is Google Places.  Google Places is free and if you have an actual brick and mortar, you can claim … More »