Local Business Employee Interaction

local business employee interactionLocal Business Employee Online Interaction

With so many changes over the last few years with social media, it is important that local businesses encourage employees to interact online.  Many social networks such as Facebook and Google+ have put a lot of emphasis on a “face” for businesses, oftentimes more than the actual business itself.  If it seems like social media sites may be pushing for spokesmen for companies, you may be correct.

Local Business “Faces”

If you haven’t already, consider implementing a “face”, or even multiple “faces” into your local online marketing plan.  This can be done by encouraging your existing employees to get involved via social media.  The first step is asking your employees to follow and/or subscribe to your local business social media networks and blogs.

Similar to review and citation websites, this puts the human factor into your local business.  Potential customers such as friends and family of your employees could see interaction between your employee and your local business on their profiles and walls.

In addition to just subscribing or following your local business, encourage them to do some actual interacting as well.  Interacting is the best form of a completed FAQ for your potential and existing customers.  Also ask them to share and like posts on their social media networks as their friends will be more inclined to purchase from you since it has their friend of family members stamp of approval on your business.  Seeing your friends like or share a page or blog post on your website gives an instant sense of approval to your friends.

Local Business SEO Rankings

Facebook pages, Google+ pages, and many other social media networks are affecting your organic local SEO rankings as well.  By encouraging your employees to get more involved with following, sharing and interacting, they will also be impacting your rankings at the same time.  What methods have you used with your employees and your local business?

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