Local Business Citations And Why They Are Important

local business online advertisingWhat are citations and how is it important to local business marketing?

Citations are references from 3rd party websites to your website.  Similar to anchor texts, citations can include not only a reference, but also a backlink to your website.  Typically, references are on map or directory websites and are extremely important for local businesses and local online marketing.

Local Business Citations and SEO Value

Search engine algorithms are always changing, especially Google.  One of the major changes that Google has put an emphasis on is small business listings.  When you submit a search query with most major search engines, it is very likely you now see local business listings first, depending on the search term.  Because of this, citations have a very strong value with SEO.  One of the most important things a local business should do is make sure they are adding their small business to all of the main map and directory listings.  This will increase your SEO rankings and make your local business more visible to potential customers.

Local Business Citations Reviews

Be prepared for possible growing pains when you start submitting your local business and websites to citation sites.  While citations will help your local online marketing strategy, it will also open several new doors.  Customers now have several new available avenues to review your business as well at the tip of their fingers.  This will mean that you will have to keep a close eye on it and make sure to respond to reviews promptly, regardless of the review.  Citations for local businesses can sometimes take time, but will have a long lasting impression to potential customer.  Many review and local directory websites will allow you to submit your business for free.

Have you recently done a local search on your niche?  Are you seeing local business map and directory listings first?

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