Using Google+ to Help Your Rankings

Google+With how competitive Google has proven to be over the last several years, it was no surprise that Google launched it’s own social network to compete with Facebook.  It also wasn’t surprising at all that their new social network had a serious impact on search results as well as a way to entice website owners to quickly get involved in joining and becoming active on Google+.  As we have mentioned several times in previous posts, it is practically mandatory that website owners have a Google+ account and be active on it to help them achieve search rankings.  With that said, here are a number of different ways to help you use Google+ and topping Google search results at the same time.

Integrate Google+ on Your Website

Similar to Facebook’s “like” button, Google released their +1 button that allows website owners to install on their website.  This is a very crucial part of your search rankings and it’s beginning to seem that this is affecting search engine rankings significantly.  The Google +1 button allows visitors to easily share content on your page with their friends and family.

Activate the Google+ Author Tag

At the time of writing this post, this is a main area that is also affecting search results.  As you have probably seen by now when searching for a keyword/keyphrase on Google, some of the results may actually be a Google+ profile and showing author information in search results.  Because of this, it’s important to make sure your profile and status updates on fully SEO optimized.  Another key part to this is activating the Google+ author tag that Google announced last summer.  This allows you to link your posts on your website to your Google+ profile as the author of the post.

Google+ Ranking Summary

If you want to add more of an influence to your Google rankings, it’s very important to set up a Google+ page and be very active on it, in addition to creating personal profiles associated with your business. If you would rather focus on your business end versus social network, you might want to consider hiring a social media manager to do this work for you.

How has Google+ changed the way your website has done business?

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