Google+ Local Launches – Looks to Take on Yelp

Google+ Local Launches

Google+ Local Launches

Google announced a new initiative today, a new “Local” tab in Google+. This is no surprise to anyone who has been following Google’s moves the last few years. They have consistently looked to bring more and more of their products together. The company’s 2011 purchase of restaurant publisher Zagat let us know they are very interested in Local and helping customers connect to reviews.

Reviews are rolling in, which some analysts think will take a bite out of Yelp’s business. Tim Zagat believes that Yelp has manufactured their business through clever duplication. He recently was quoted as saying, “A lot of people have copied us over the years, but we think nobody has done it the way we’ve done it,” Tim explained. And unlike Yelp, he continued, Zagat has and will continue to have editorial oversight. “I think we’ve always stood for quality, accuracy, being bias free…editing the content that comes in from surveyors.”

What Does Google+ Local Mean For Small Businesses?

This doesn’t mean much to local businesses yet (except restaurants), but it’s certainly something we’ll be keeping an eye on. It’s more imperative than ever to make sure that your address information is correct in Google Places as it will be duplicated many other spots.

Not sure if you’re good? Give us a call at 800-894-7265 and we can help you figure it out.

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