Using Your Facebook Cover Photo to Attract New Customers

Facebook Cover PhotoTake Advantage of Your Facebook Cover Photo

Facebook has officially launched their Timeline to business and personal pages. Although most people show a lot of negativity towards the changes, there are a lot of benefits from having the Facebook timeline, especially as a business. I think the first thing is, knowledge. It is best to understand the different changes that took place and how you can use them in your favor.

In a previous post, I discussed the different changes about the Facebook Timeline change. In this post, I really want to emphasis on the new Facebook cover photo and how you can use it to attract new customers.

Don’t Use a Boring Facebook Cover Photo

It defiantly is easier said than done, but the purpose of the cover photo is to leave a visual statement. Facebook encourages businesses not to leave the  cover photo blank and really take advantage of this space. It is a good space to put your hours of operation, your website, your companies’ mission, or a silly photo of your employees. If someone were to visit your Facebook page, what would be the few things you would want him or her to learn before leaving, use those in your Facebook cover photo. It’s larger than anything else and at the top of the page for a reason, and 100% of viewers will look at it.

Tips to Attract Visitors by Your Facebook Cover Photo

1- Make it visual. Use bright, exciting colors
2- Use a Quote, motto, or unique sales pitch
3- Use this is as a place to show your contact information
4- Take advantage of using it as a place to tell customers to click on a giveaway

Some examples of great uses of Facebook Cover Photos are Tide, Target, and Pepsi. I will always recommend to hire a professional social media management company to help you achieve a higher fan base.

What are some tips you want to share to attract more users through your Facebook cover photo?

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