Tips On Expanding Your Facebook Page Reach

With so many different social media channels, it can be challenging to be effective on each network since each one has a different social media management approach than the other one for it to be affective.  Your maximum reach on Facebook is a big result of your interaction from your followers.  More people will see your Facebook posts if more people involve with your page.  Here are a few suggestions on expanding your Facebook reach.

Understanding Facebook Insights

Even though brands sometimes spend a lot of money for their fan base on Facebook, an average Facebook post only reaches about 16% of their audience according to Facebook.  Facebook has an “insights” section for Facebook page owners that shows a detailed graph with reporting on the reach a specific post has.  It is very important that page owners consistently monitor their page performance by studying their insights section located in their admin panel on their Facebook page.

facebook insights

Facebook is a platform that heavily involves interaction with fans for it to be effective.  It will be showed to a bigger audience based off how many of your fans get involved with the page.  Understanding your audience will help you determine ways to get them to interact.  This might mean asking a question, adding humor or just posting news regarding your niche.  The best way to know how to get your page to interact is to keep a close eye on your insights.

Think Outside The Box For Your Maximum Facebook Reach

A very valuable Facebook post suggestion would be to try and reach your followers on more of a personal level, rather than just sales pitches.  Your readers want good content from a good blog post to a unique picture.  Ask questions that you would expect to get the biggest response.  For example, a yes or no question that you ask is applicable to 100% of your audience, where as asking a question very specific only limits your reach.  For example, if you wanted the maximum response/feedback for a blog post about a new Apple computer being released, you could ask “Do you use a PC or Mac?” (which targets 100% of your audience), instead of “What Mac do you currently own?” (which only targets Mac owners).

In addition to broadening what you’re asking, there are other ways to get your followers more involved by offering contests, posting pictures, adding milestones to your Facebook, etc.  The key thing is to make sure you are watching what works and what doesn’t so that you know what to expand on.

What has been some of your most successful Facebook interactions?

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