Tips on Attracting the Ideal Facebook Followers

Facebook FollowersHaving a Facebook presence for your business is just as important as having a website for your business.  Regardless of your social media experience, it is an absolute necessity to put attention in your social media channels and getting new followers.  Even more important, getting targeted Facebook followers that are relevant, or may be looking for your niche.  One of the first and most important things you should do when you begin growing your Facebook following is identifying exactly who your audience is.  Once this is outlined, you should identify what your audiences interests are.  Once this identified, you should then have an idea of where to target.

Each of the major networks involves different tactics in getting people to follow your social network pages.  Here are some tips to help you get more followers on Facebook.

How to Get More People to Like Your Facebook Page

Facebook can be one of  the trickiest social media networks to get new connections.  It’s biggest difference from Google+, LinkedIn or Twitter is the following capabilities that these other 3 have.  People tend to have a reciprocal follow mindset with these other 3 networks.

Customize your Facebook page:  Just like your website, you only have a few seconds to give your best first impression to your visitors.  Make sure you pick a vanity URL for your business by visiting  Make sure you are decided on it as you will not be able to change it later on.  The next thing you should do is make sure all of your information is correct on each field in your Facebook page settings.  Another important step in customizing your Facebook page is to add some customized pages with graphics, reveal pages (they have to like your page to reveal the next page such as promotion), etc.

Don’t be boring:  This might sound a bit obvious, but post things that people will want to see.  A rule of thumb that we use before posting anything is to measure it by sharing/feedback possibilities.  Ask yourself if your Facebook following will find the picture, question or link that you are about to post interesting enough that they would be willing to share it on their own profile or at minimum, comment on it.  The most important thing to keep in mind is to get your Facebook followers involved and responding to your Facebook page.  Get creative by holding contests, giving tips, etc.  There are also several programs available to help you manage these update and even schedule them in advance.  Keep an eye out for your posts that get the biggest response and use that as you brainstorm what your next post will be.

Facebook Advertising: Facebook advertising is the fastest way to get effective Facebook followers.  It is a very effective method to specifically show your ad and/or Facebook page to your specific audience that you have identified.  Unlike typical PPC advertising, Facebook followers will stay connected with you for a very long time.

Do you have any Facebook tips that you have used to attract new Facebook followers?

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