Facebook Timeline for Pages

Benefits of the Facebook Timeline for Pages

It should come to no surprise that Facebook is starting to roll out the new Timeline for businesses. It is not mandatory, yet, but you can start setting it up now. The Facebook timeline can seem confusing at first, but it is a great tool with all of the new benefits it will have for businesses. You can check out Local Bump’s Facebook Fan Page to see the timeline in action

Facebook Timeline for Businesses1. A cover photo. Just like the personal Facebook pages, Facebook pages will now have the opportunity to add their own widescreen cover photo

Facebook Timeline2. Milestones- This is a great tool to mark any exciting news that has happened with your company. Such as a name change, a new location, or  a new product announcement.

3. Posts or Sticky- As a page owner you will now have the opportunity to pin a post to the top of the page a page for up to 7 days. This is a great tool to use if you are running a promotion or a special.

4.  Admin Panel- This panel is a new way for Page administrators to track their page’s performances & get notifications about fans’ interactions.

5. Private Messages- Your fans can now send you private messages and you will be able to respond too.

Important FAQ’s about Facebook Timeline for Pages

Per Facebook, there are some important things to remember when it comes to Facebook Cover Photos. They cannot include the following things:

1. Price or purchase information (40% off, etc)

2. Contact information like the website, e-mail or mailing address.

3. References to like or share the pages.

Facebook Timeline Summary

The Facebook timeline for your business is not mandatory until the end of the month, but I do recommend trying it out and testing it before it is required so you can understand it better. One downfall of the change is that you will no longer have the ability to have a default view for new users. But take advantage of all of the other great tools available for the Facebook Timeline. Remember, Social Media is not going anywhere so it is best to adapt to the never ending changes. Please contact us for any of your Social Media Management Needs.

You can see some great Facebook Pages, such as Tide, American Express, and Xbox.

Have you started to use the Facebook timeline for your business yet?

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