Facebook Launches New WordPress Tool To Make Your Blog More Social

Facebook launched a very useful tool for WordPress users yesterday.  This new tool will allow you add your WordPress content to Facebook very easily.

Facebook for WordPress

With the new Facebook for WordPress plugin, WordPress.org and WordPress VIP users will be able to publish new blog posts and content to WordPress, in addition to simultaneously publish it to their own personal Timelines and Pages that they are Facebook administrators of.

facebook for wordpress post


Facebook engineer Matt Kelly wrote, “The plugin was built by Facebook engineers in collaboration with open source partners, and makes it simple for anyone to make their WordPress site more social – no coding required.”

The new Facebook for WordPress plugin will allow WordPress and Facebook administrators to mention the names of friends and Pages.  It will also include an activity feed to show readers what their Facebook friends have been doing on your website such as what they read.  It will also also allow readers to suggest articles, in addition to allowing the post author to display their activity such as publishing an article from your website.

facebook for wordpress plugin


WordPress is a very powerful platform and has several SEO advantages with so many readily available plugins.  WordPress allows website owners a very user-friendly interface to update content and make other changes.  This Facebook for WordPress plugin will be extremely useful for website owners by combing the largest social network combined with the most popular blogging platform.  Facebook marketing is very important for all website owners and this should help out with a lot of the time consuming tasks of sharing new content.

We will be testing this new plugin very shortly and will keep you posted on our thoughts.

Is this something that you would find useful on your website?

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