5 Facebook Fan Page Tips and Tricks

Businesses all over the world are taking advantage of the Facebook Fan Page. Social Media is a great way to communicate to your customers, list specials, etc. Facebook is the second most visited website on the internet right now. With over 845 million active users and growing every day, it is one of the best ways to advertise your business. Facebook allows you to have have Fan page for your customers and potential customers. It is a tool for business owners to announce new products, upcoming events, or current promotions. Setting up a Facebook fan page is relatively easy, the following tips will help you make a successful Facebook fan page.

Facebook Fan PageFacebook Fan Page Tips

1. Create a welcome page-  This is also known as a landing page. This is the first page users will see when they see your fan page. Usually it has an emphasis on ‘liking’ the page. Sometimes you have a contest going on which requires users to enter their name and e-mail for a drawing.

2. Have a detailed picture- A large picture is ideal, make sure it has important contact information or a current sale. It is best to have a phone number or an e-mail you would like customers to contact your business at.

3. Interact with your fans- Use your fan page as a source for your customers to ask questions, bring up any concerns, and testimonials. It is just as important to interact, too. Share their photos, comments, and answer their questions.

4. Advertise your page- Be sure to put a Facebook button on your website, business cards, and newsletters. Make an emphasis for customers to like your page.

5. Post relevant information- Don’t use your Facebook fan page as a sole place for you to post ads and promotions. Post questions, pictures, and videos to attract your customers.

Facebook Fan Page Conclusion

A Facebook fan page is a necessary tool for your business. Creating a Facebook fan page is simple, but getting it to work well takes time, dedication, and some planning. Don’t expect to create a page and then have a huge following instantaneously. Learn and grow from Facebook Insights.  As a page administrator, you will get a weekly email with stats as well as be able to see insights for each status update.

Do you have a succesful Facebook fan page? What did you use to help grow your fans? What tips would you give someone creating a Facebook fan page?

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