Tips on Effective Email Marketing

effective email marketingIs Email Marketing Still Effective?

One of the the most original forms of Internet marketing is often a method that is overlooked by most business owners. That is email marketing.

With so many Internet options including search engine optimization, pay-per-click and social media, people tend to overlook the power of effective email marketing. On average, your customers will spend nearly 2.5 times more money if they receive regular email communications from you. It’s a similar concept to building a social media presence.

How to Start a Solid Email Marketing Plan

Your first option is to hire us to do create you a custom email marketing plan with custom graphics with a complimenting call to action.  Yes, there was our plug.  If you choose to tackle email marketing yourself, you also have options.  The first step before creating your email is to carefully design an effective email template.  Your template should flow with your website as well as contain other valuable information such as logos, images, social media, links to your website, contact info and more.  Creating a template from the beginning will save you time for when you build future email marketing campaigns.

Your Email Subject is Key

This has to be one of the most valuable parts to your email marketing strategy.  This will be the only first impression that you will get with your customer to open your email.   You want to focus on keeping the length short, but yet enticing so that they will want to see what’s in the body of your email.  We have seen cases of curiosity to a more shocking type of subjects.

Effective Email Marketing Content

We recommend experimenting with your content.  Make sure you have analytics installed on your email marketing campaigns so that you know what your visitors are doing and what is giving you the best success.  Every niche will be different.  Try and include things that the reader will find useful such as tips, resources and giveaways.  Don’t be scared to through in some kind of offer to your subscribers without being too spammy.

Collect Email Addresses

Collect your own email addresses from your website, social media, expos and anywhere else that you can think of.  We don’t recommend buying email addresses as these tend to typically be old and could get you in trouble and marked for spam in the long run.

There are several other tips that we will include in future posts, but this covers the basics of email marketing.

What methods have worked for you and your email marketing?

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