Second Screen Technology is Changing Advertising

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Second screens are becoming first screens

Our phones are an extension of us. They fill awkward pauses, becoming a compulsion at times. On Super Bowl Sunday, or as I like to call it superb owl Sunday, I was with about 10 friends watching the big game. My friends are fairly technically savvy, and during the commercial breaks, most of us were tweeting or checking in with various social networks. The term “being social” is taking on new meaning, even when you are sitting in a social setting with live, breathing humans. According to recent Nielsen research about two-thirds of us do this already, and it’s continuing to rise.

Advertisers took aim at our “second screens” this year in a big way. Some of this year’s ads cost up to $3.5 million for a 30-second spot. With money like that being invested, they are throwing the kitchen sink at us to try to increase our engagement with their brands.

Chevrolet offered a free smartphone app, called Chevy Game Time, that allowed people to enter a contest to win one of 20 cars and prizes from their partners. GoDaddy had QR codes in their spots, although I wasn’t about to be the guy that paused the Super Bowl to scan a flat screen for the chance to get 10% a .co domain registration. There were many others, from Toyota trying to get viewers to use the hash tags (#Reinvented) to a live-cast of the Coca-Cola polar bears reactions to the game plays.

As this evolves, how much of it will just become background noise? At what point will the integration of our lives and advertising end? Companies like Second Screen are trying monetize our second screens by showing ads on your device while a commercial for the same product is playing on your TV. For example if a Pizza Hut commercial comes on the TV, you might be served up an interactive digital ad on your device with an order now button. Like it or hate it, it isn’t going anywhere.

This emerging tech means that there are some exciting things on the horizon for local advertising. Within the coming years, I believe small businesses will be able to target customers’ second screen devices based on factors like location, interest, remarketing based on TV commercials viewed, and probably many more I’m not listing here.

We’re on the cutting edge of anything having to do with local online marketing. In fact, some would say we’re a little obsessed! Give us a call today and let’s talk about how we can help get you more customers.

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