Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ Image Sizes – Cheat Sheet

facebook timeline image size

We work with clients all the time to help them design and tweak their social media pages. We thought it would be a good idea to share our image size cheat sheet. If you have a page that you need … More »

Tips on Effective Email Marketing

effective email marketing

Is Email Marketing Still Effective? One of the the most original forms of Internet marketing is often a method that is overlooked by most business owners. That is email marketing. With so many Internet options including search engine optimization, pay-per-click … More »

Tips on Using Internal Linking to Help With SEO

Internal Linking SEO

With all of the recent search engine algorithm changes, high quality content on your website is more important than it ever has been for your websites SEO.  Writing and publishing new content also helps build your business, follower count and … More »

Local Bump Now Offering SEO First Page Google Guarantee

Google first page seo guarantee

We are very excited to announce that we will now be offering a first page Google guarantee on most of our local SEO packages. This first page reflects the organic SEO ranking ranking.  We have managed enough local accounts that … More »

8 Tips to Improve Your Websites Local SEO

Local SEO

The reason you are here, admit it or not, is because you want to increase your rankings and receive a higher customer base through local SEO. You have a business and for an unknown reason you are not getting the … More »

Facebook Mobile Ads Work; Earning 10 Times More Money

Facebook Followers

Earlier this month, we announced that Facebook created Facebook Mobile Ads. At That time we didn’t know what the outcome would be. It could have gone both ways. Well, they worked. The mobile Sponsored stories are getting over 13 times … More »

Keyword Bidding Based on Lifetime Value

lifetime value

For many people, bidding on keywords comes down to one thing. Squeezing as much revenue as possible out of the money they’re spending on clicks with their PPC advertising. Keyword bidding is a free flowing art, and there are no … More »

How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business

pinterest for business

Pinterest has grown to the 3rd largest social network in only two years, only behind Facebook and Twitter.  This number is based of the number of site visits in March of 2012.  Pinterest received 104 million, Twitter received 182 million … More »

Facebook to Start Using Your Browsing History For Advertisers

facebook exchange program

Ever since Facebook went public, they have significantly increased their advertising with a wide variety of new advertising options such as new Facebook mobile options, so it comes at no surprise to hear that Facebook will be using a more … More »

Facebook Launches New WordPress Tool To Make Your Blog More Social

facebook for wordpress post plugin

Facebook launched a very useful tool for WordPress users yesterday.  This new tool will allow you add your WordPress content to Facebook very easily. Facebook for WordPress With the new Facebook for WordPress plugin, and WordPress VIP users will … More »

Facebook Creates New Mobile Ads To Help Increase Fans

Mobile Ads

Facebook Mobile Ads Facebook is trying to recover from it’s poor IPO rates, therefore they created the much needed option of having Facebook mobile ads. They have added the ability for marketers and agencies to buy only its mobile ads, … More »

3 Tips to Avoid Negative SEO

Negative SEO

Is There Such Thing as Negative SEO? Yes, unfortunately, there is such thing as negative SEO. Negative SEO tactics and strategies that will actually hurt your rankings and can ultimately shut down your website. Google’s Penguin update penalizes websites that … More »

How To Optimize Images On Your Website For SEO

how to optimize images for seo

Images on websites have significantly increased recently with the popularity of Pinterest and uses of infographics on websites and social media sites like Facebook and Google+.  Wherever your images may be, it is very important that they are optimized for … More »

Tips on Recovering if Your Search Rankings Got Hit From Google’s Penguin Update

google penguin update recovery

Has your website recently lost a lot of it’s traffic?  If you are a website owner, you may have recently seen a decrease in your website traffic due to being penalized by the latest Google update called Penguin. Google Penguin … More »

Tips On Expanding Your Facebook Page Reach

facebook reach

With so many different social media channels, it can be challenging to be effective on each network since each one has a different social media management approach than the other one for it to be affective.  Your maximum reach on … More »

Facebook Adds Page Admin Roles and Option to Schedule Future Posts

facebook admin role

Yesterday, Facebook rolled out some new features for page administrators by giving them the option of different Administrator roles and permissions.  This has been something that marketers have requested for a very long time now.   They have added 5 … More »

Google+ Local Launches – Looks to Take on Yelp

Google+ Local Launches

Google+ Local Launches Google announced a new initiative today, a new “Local” tab in Google+. This is no surprise to anyone who has been following Google’s moves the last few years. They have consistently looked to bring more and more … More »

Reasons Why Your Blog Traffic is Not Increasing

Blog Traffic

Blog Traffic Requires Dedication Increasing your blog’s traffic isn’t as easy as just throwing content up on your site and hoping that people are going to read it, at least not for the majority of bloggers. There is actually quite a … More »

Using Your Facebook Cover Photo to Attract New Customers

Facebook Cover Photo

Take Advantage of Your Facebook Cover Photo Facebook has officially launched their Timeline to business and personal pages. Although most people show a lot of negativity towards the changes, there are a lot of benefits from having the Facebook timeline, … More »

Securing Your WordPress Blog


In the past few days we’ve seen a few high profile WordPress accounts getting hacked by SEO spammers. Most notably, Techmeme and The Next Web. The spammer was able to access the blogs by hacking one of their editor logins. … More »

Reasons Why You Should Start Your Local SEO Campaign Now

Local SEO

Having Doubts About Your Local SEO Campaign If you are reading this post, you are probably on the fence about whether or not to start local SEO. You might be having a lot of doubts run through your head like … More »

Local Business Employee Interaction

local business

Local Business Employee Online Interaction With so many changes over the last few years with social media, it is important that local businesses encourage employees to interact online.  Many social networks such as Facebook and Google+ have put a lot … More »

Be Interested, Not Interesting: Social Media 101

be interested, not interesting

Social media is becoming a necessary part of running a company in 2012. Companies are vying for our attention in ways that we never thought possible as I mentioned in my last post about second screen technology. But how many … More »

How to Create an Effective Facebook Page

Facebook Page

How to Create an Effective Facebook Page You have likely been using Facebook for your personal use for a while now.  Facebook has taken the over as the main form of communication for people by allowing a simple way to … More »

Facebook Timeline for Pages

Facebook Timeline for Businesses

Benefits of the Facebook Timeline for Pages It should come to no surprise that Facebook is starting to roll out the new Timeline for businesses. It is not mandatory, yet, but you can start setting it up now. The Facebook … More »

Second Screen Technology is Changing Advertising

second screen sports

Our phones are an extension of us. They fill awkward pauses, becoming a compulsion at times. On Super Bowl Sunday, or as I like to call it superb owl Sunday, I was with about 10 friends watching the big game. … More »

Local Business Citations And Why They Are Important

local business online advertising 150

What are citations and how is it important to local business marketing? Citations are references from 3rd party websites to your website.  Similar to anchor texts, citations can include not only a reference, but also a backlink to your website.  … More »

The Need for Social Media Management

Social Media

Social Media is Necessary for Businesses With the explosion of Social Media over the past five years, a new frontier has emerged and is experiencing amazing growth. This growth which includes texting, blogging and networking has developed into an integral … More »

8 Tips to Get More Pinterest Followers

Pinterest Followers

Having Pinterest followers is a great way to build awareness for your business and spread the word about your products. But, just like most social network platforms, there are some great ways to gain a following. Below are some tips … More »

The Importance of an Anchor Text

Anchor Text

Although anchor text hasn’t been given an extreme amount of attention in SEO circles, it is an important aspect when determining Search Engine Optimization. It is a great way to understand which keywords you should choose for your website, some … More »