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Jesse has over 10 years experience in inbound marketing, both organic and performance.

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Google+ Local Launches – Looks to Take on Yelp

Google+ Local Launches
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Google+ Local Launches Google announced a new initiative today, a new “Local” tab in Google+. This is no surprise to anyone who has been following Google’s moves the last few years. They have consistently looked to bring more and more … More »

Securing Your WordPress Blog

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In the past few days we’ve seen a few high profile WordPress accounts getting hacked by SEO spammers. Most notably, Techmeme and The Next Web. The spammer was able to access the blogs by hacking one of their editor logins. … More »

Be Interested, Not Interesting: Social Media 101

be interested, not interesting
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Social media is becoming a necessary part of running a company in 2012. Companies are vying for our attention in ways that we never thought possible as I mentioned in my last post about second screen technology. But how many … More »

Second Screen Technology is Changing Advertising

second screen sports
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Our phones are an extension of us. They fill awkward pauses, becoming a compulsion at times. On Super Bowl Sunday, or as I like to call it superb owl Sunday, I was with about 10 friends watching the big game. … More »

Paid Search Pays Off For Local Sales

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According to 2 years of research by the retail marketing firm RevTrax, “for every $1 of e-commerce revenue generated from paid search, marketers can expect to see approximately another $6 of in-store revenue.” Between August 2009 and August 2011 RevTrax … More »