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Erica Hatch has been in the marketing field for about a year now. She loves writing about Social Media Management and Blog ideas.

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8 Tips to Improve Your Websites Local SEO

Local SEO
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The reason you are here, admit it or not, is because you want to increase your rankings and receive a higher customer base through local SEO. You have a business and for an unknown reason you are not getting the … More »

Facebook Mobile Ads Work; Earning 10 Times More Money

Facebook Followers
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Earlier this month, we announced that Facebook created Facebook Mobile Ads. At That time we didn’t know what the outcome would be. It could have gone both ways. Well, they worked. The mobile Sponsored stories are getting over 13 times … More »

Facebook Creates New Mobile Ads To Help Increase Fans

Mobile Ads
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Facebook Mobile Ads Facebook is trying to recover from it’s poor IPO rates, therefore they created the much needed option of having Facebook mobile ads. They have added the ability for marketers and agencies to buy only its mobile ads, … More »

3 Tips to Avoid Negative SEO

Negative SEO
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Is There Such Thing as Negative SEO? Yes, unfortunately, there is such thing as negative SEO. Negative SEO tactics and strategies that will actually hurt your rankings and can ultimately shut down your website. Google’s Penguin update penalizes websites that … More »

Reasons Why Your Blog Traffic is Not Increasing

Blog Traffic
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Blog Traffic Requires Dedication Increasing your blog’s traffic isn’t as easy as just throwing content up on your site and hoping that people are going to read it, at least not for the majority of bloggers. There is actually quite a … More »